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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: The name of key store type is hardcoded in the sources
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2006 15:20:22 GMT
#1 is not an option.  We removed the normal Bouncy Castle distribution 
from AG 1.0-M5, due to included code with IP restrictions that required 
users to acquire an IDEA license.  Only a few portions of Bouncy Castle 
that was needed and did not have IP restrictions was pulled into the 
geronimo source tree under modules/util.

Where is JKS hard-coded?  Can you not override JKS in 
var/config/config.xml to use your different provider?  If not, then 
please open a JIRA issue with details on the problems you run into.


Nikolay Chugunov wrote:
> Hello   
> The name of Sun-specific key store type is hardcoded in the sources, so 
> it might not work on non-Sun VMs.
>>>From my point of view, there are two ways to fix this problem:
> 1. Always use BKS key store of Bouncy Castle ( 
> security provider, because it is 
> open-source project. Geronimo can use BKS if I just replace JKS word to 
> BKS of in the source of Geronimo. In this case Bouncy Castle security 
> provider should be in class path in Geronimo.
> 2. Change sources so Geronimo will use a key store type which exists in 
> VM. Key store type existing in VM can be discovered by invoking 
> KeyStore.getDefaultType() method. Disadvantage of this way: if I build 
> Geronimo on Sun VM, it generates JKS key store file, which might not be 
> read by other VM, because of lack JKS key store implementation. So 
> binary builds might not work on other VMs.
> Can you advise which way Geronimo should use?
> **** 
> **Nikolay *Chugunov** *
> ****** *Intel* Middleware Product Division*** .*

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