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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: user-apps directory
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2006 15:10:15 GMT
Good thoughts.

I would also like to see all of the non-core apps (like Daytrader, 
Magicgball, LDAP demo and realm, ...) moved out from under 
asf/geronimo/trunk/applications (like has been done for Daytrader) into 
a common subproject like asf/geronimo/applications or samples.  This 
subproject could then also hold deployment plans for other applications 
(like JRoller and Petstore) and be setup to create a runnable 
application testsuite using the same steps as we have today in 
Magicgball to extract a server, start it and deploy apps to it.....


Dave Colasurdo wrote:
> Keeping with the theme of talking to myself..
> I guess it is simpler to just change the groupid in the sample 
> deployment plans to user-apps.  Of course users are free to specify any 
> groupid they want .. but the default in the sample plans that we provide 
> (including our documentation) will result in the user applications being 
> separated from the geronimo plumbing by naming convention without any 
> code impact..
> -Dave-
> Dave Colasurdo wrote:
>> This reminds me of a topic from a few weeks ago..  Is there a JIRA 
>> open to address separating the end user applications from the geronimo 
>> internal plumbing?
>> Specifically, /Geronimo-1.1/repository/geronimo/ seems like a strange 
>> spot for end user applications.  Searching for deployed applications 
>> seems a bit like looking for a needle in the haystack.
>>  /Geronimo-1.1/repository/ has nearly 40 directories
>>  /Geronimo-1.1/repository/geronimo has nearly 70 directories.
>> How about a simple /Geronimo-1.1/user-apps/ that contains only 
>> deployed user applications?
>> Thanks
>> -Dave-
>> David Jencks (JIRA) wrote:
>>> remove config-store directories from assemblies, now that they aren't 
>>> used any more
>>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

>>>          Key: GERONIMO-1932
>>>          URL:
>>>      Project: Geronimo
>>>         Type: Bug
>>>     Security: public (Regular issues)   Components: buildsystem      
>>> Versions: 1.1        Reporter: David Jencks
>>>  Assigned to: David Jencks      Fix For: 1.1
>>> modify the assembly plugin to not create the bogus empty unused 
>>> obsolete config-store directory

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