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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Some observations from a user perspective on deploying an application
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 02:40:14 GMT

The console works great.  For single installs this is a great way to do it.  I'm more accustomed
not using the GUI so perhaps I should reconsider.  For automated installs I imagine people
pretty much left to scripts to define and populate the repository.

I think the repo is still fairly redundant but if its an issue we can address that later on.

Aaron Mulder wrote:
> Do you want to try adding the files to the repository using the common
> libraries area of the console and see if you think that's more
> straightforward?  For example, it should suggest the different name
> parts to use.  We could probably stand to make that page a little more
> informative, so any suggestions you have would be great.
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> On 4/27/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
>>I was looking at Aaron's "Guiding Principals" doc and rmembered I meant to post some
thoughts on the
>>"Geronimo Experience."
>>I've been working on deploying daytrader and have noted a couple of things that I
think are relevant
>>from a user perspective.  Specifically these around the repository.
>>For my testing I've been using DB2 as the database as I wanted to use a commercial
database that was
>>external to the AppServer.  The same story is true for MySQL, PostGres, etc.
>>In order to deploy a dependent jar into the repo you have to add the group, artifact
and version
>>information.  So in the case of DB2 there are two jars you have to add.  They are
the db2jcc.jar and
>>the db2jcc_license_cu.jar.  Putting them into the repo I did the following:
>>mkdir -p ./geronimo-1.1-SNAPSHOT/repository/com/ibm/db2/db2jcc_license_cu/8.1/
>>mkdir -p ./geronimo-1.1-SNAPSHOT/repository/com/ibm/db2/db2jcc/8.1/
>>Then I copied the jars into the repo:
>>cp db2jcc.jar ./geronimo-1.1-SNAPSHOT/repository/com/ibm/db2/db2jcc/8.1/db2jcc-8.1.jar
>>cp db2jcc_license_cu.jar
>>For the most part this is certainly doable but is actually pretty tedious.  Also,
following the
>>convention, the artifactname and the version are duplicated in the actual deployed
jar; seems a bit
>>I wanted to validate that my usage is correct per the original design.  If it is I
think we're
>>probably missing one of the points in Aaron's doc about the server being simple to
use.  At least
>>this is not intuitive.
>>If my understanding is wrong or there is a better suggestion on how to handle this
please post back.
>>  I'm working on the documentation for how to deploy DayTrader.  Since this is a very
visible use
>>case for the server I want to make sure this is the direction we are going to recommend
for users.
>>Perhaps another approach is to use the shared lib that was recently added (I have
to go back through
>>the e-mails to see how to set it up).  I think that paradigm is more in line with
Tomcat users as
>>well as other AppServers.

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