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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Some observations from a user perspective on deploying an application
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 23:08:54 GMT

I was looking at Aaron's "Guiding Principals" doc and rmembered I meant to post some thoughts
on the 
"Geronimo Experience."

I've been working on deploying daytrader and have noted a couple of things that I think are
from a user perspective.  Specifically these around the repository.

For my testing I've been using DB2 as the database as I wanted to use a commercial database
that was 
external to the AppServer.  The same story is true for MySQL, PostGres, etc.

In order to deploy a dependent jar into the repo you have to add the group, artifact and version

information.  So in the case of DB2 there are two jars you have to add.  They are the db2jcc.jar
the db2jcc_license_cu.jar.  Putting them into the repo I did the following:

mkdir -p ./geronimo-1.1-SNAPSHOT/repository/com/ibm/db2/db2jcc_license_cu/8.1/

mkdir -p ./geronimo-1.1-SNAPSHOT/repository/com/ibm/db2/db2jcc/8.1/

Then I copied the jars into the repo:

cp db2jcc.jar ./geronimo-1.1-SNAPSHOT/repository/com/ibm/db2/db2jcc/8.1/db2jcc-8.1.jar

cp db2jcc_license_cu.jar 

For the most part this is certainly doable but is actually pretty tedious.  Also, following
convention, the artifactname and the version are duplicated in the actual deployed jar; seems
a bit 

I wanted to validate that my usage is correct per the original design.  If it is I think we're

probably missing one of the points in Aaron's doc about the server being simple to use.  At
this is not intuitive.

If my understanding is wrong or there is a better suggestion on how to handle this please
post back. 
  I'm working on the documentation for how to deploy DayTrader.  Since this is a very visible
case for the server I want to make sure this is the direction we are going to recommend for

Perhaps another approach is to use the shared lib that was recently added (I have to go back
the e-mails to see how to set it up).  I think that paradigm is more in line with Tomcat users
well as other AppServers.



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