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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject DayTrader Update - 1.1 Release coming up
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 02:37:01 GMT
I am in the process of moving DayTrader out of the 1.1 Geronimo branch.  Since this is a performance

and J2EE sample I expect we'll be releasing it independently of Geronimo.  Here are a few
things to 
know so far.

1. You can checkout DayTrader at svn co
 It is 
built nightly on the GBuild setup (thanks Mr. Blevins)

2. The only remaining modules left in the Geronimo tree is the database which I'll have converted
M2 this week.  When that is complete DayTrader will be built completely on its own and will
become a dependency that can be included if desired.  (Vincent, if your interested in this
I'll take your patches :)

3. DayTrader includes deployment descriptors for both Geronimo and JBoss.  I have not been
able to 
get JBoss working yet with messaging yet so please do not consider these artifacts the best

performing ones.  For the JBoss lurkers on our list, take a look and let me know if they can
improved; we know your out there ;-P  I'm happy to accept donations for DD's and deployment

instructions for other AppServers.

4. 1.1 will be versioned this week or early next week.  This will be the basis for performance

comparisons.  SNAPSHOT versions are not comparable as changes in the project can affect performance


5. I'll be adding a performance section to the WebSite this week so we can answer the FAQs
Geronimo and performance.

6. I'm looking to get DayTrader into shape so it can be installed from the Geronimo Plugins
This will make installing the sample easier and also reduce our download and startup time
for the 
Geronimo distributions for 1.1.

DayTrader Futures

* Someone is looking at providing a Spring / JDBC function that will extend the modes of operation

of DayTrader.  There may be some work on EJBs as well.

* Stan Cox from IBM indicated that he wanted to include some modifications to the benchmark
include AJAX primitives and functionality.  Hopefully Stan will have some information soon
to share 
on his recent exploits.

* We need to upgrade the benchmark to provide a more flexible deployemnt.  Right now all the
are inter-related to some degree and have too strong of a dependency on each other.  I want
to break 
the benchmark up in a way that you can deploy only the WebComponents if you want (Tomcat /
testing) and that kind of  thing.

* JEE 5 improvements to exercise EJB 3.0 and the new persistence API.  OpenJPA will get engaged
I hope so we should be ready for them.

If you are working on something or have some interesting information to share, send it in.



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