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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: SUMMARY OF: Change "configuration" to "module"
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2006 22:20:43 GMT
I'm for the change but as I ponder the ramifications to 1.1 I'm afraid the scope of this 
modification is too large.  The TCK needs to be updated, lots of hard references, etc.

I vote that we change this in 1.2 and leave them as configId for now.  If we take this on
confident that we'll miss Java One.

-1 for 1.1
+1 for 1.2



Aaron Mulder wrote:
> So everyone seems to be in favor.
> I'm 100% in favor of making this change in our documentation and
> presentations and so on.
> I'm 95% in favor of changing "configId" to "moduleId" in our plans --
> just need to find the time to do it and it'll be an extensive change
> to the current plans in Geronimo and the TCK.  Even if we silently
> upgrade plans using "configId" during deployment I think we want the
> plans distributed with the server to use the recommended syntax
> wherever possible.  Any volunteers?
> I'm not necessarily in favor of changing CAR to MAR.  That's used so
> infrequently (and saying "just apply this MAR to your server" sounds
> so dubious) that I think we can just say "it's a just a CAR; it
> doesn't stand for anything".  Or call them plugins instead.  :)
> And while it might be nice to change the names of some of the server
> guts dealing with configurations (ConfigurationInfo,
> ConfigurationData, etc.) I don't feel the urge to do that myself -- if
> someone else wants to take a swing at it, be my guest.
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> On 4/23/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
>>Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>>How would you feel about referring to configurations (e.g. a group of
>>>GBeans with own ID and classloader) as a "module" instead?  It seems
>>>like "configuration" can be confusing, as it more traditionally refers
>>>to a larger scope like an entire installation.  For example, if you
>>>say you have two different WebLogic configurations or two different
>>>Apache (HTTP) configurations, you're saying either you have two
>>>installations, or you have two totally separate product configurations
>>>available for the same product installation.  You're not saying you
>>>have an app and a database pool within one runtime, but that's what
>>>"two different configurations" presently would mean in relation to
>>>It seems like it would be clearer to say that a Geronimo installation
>>>loads many modules, and each module includes many components (GBeans).
>>>I'm not proposing that we go changing class names and stuff, but I'm
>>>proposing that we make a concerted effort in our documentation and
>>>presentations to present the name of the "unit with an ID and
>>>classloader holding many components" as a "module".
>>>What do you think?
>>>    Aaron

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