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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Apache Geronimo quarterly report for 2006-04
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 14:54:48 GMT
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[resend; the first one didn't show up after 4 hours, assuming lost]

This report covers the period from 2006-01-18 through 2006-04-18.

- ---------
Presentations about Apache Geronimo were given variously by
Dain Sundstrom, Aaron Mulder, Matt Hogstrom, and Jeff at JAOO
and The Server Side Symposium.

A lot of work went into giving the Geronimo Web a major facelift.

The issue of having a Confluence wiki hosted on Apache hardware
was raised again, since the vast majority of opinions polled on
the dev list favoured keeping the Geronimo documentation in that
format.  Some progress has been made, but at the moment the
documentation is still hosted at a third-party Confluence
installation offsite.

In this period, 422 JIRA issues were created, 205 were closed,
and 14 closed ones were reopened.  (The reopened ones were not
necessarily closed during this interval.)

- ----
Jason Dillon and Kevan Lee Miller were invited to join the PMC,
and both accepted.

A number of individuals who have been given commit karma in
the past have subsequently largely disappeared from the
project.  Although the PMC hasn't yet decided what to do
about that sort of situation, it has been a major factor
in several PMC members' opinions that an invitation to join
the PMC should not be considered for some indefinite interval
after karma has been granted.  Since I personally disagree
strongly with that position and am not satisfied that anyone
has identified any harmful effects, I do not consider the issue
yet closed.

Although the subject of project bylaws/guidelines has come
up several times, and various people are ruminating on the
issue, no concrete progress has been made on that front.

- -----------
The PMC voted to offer commit karma to Hernan Cunico, and he
accepted.  There are other karma votes currently in progress.
- --
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