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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject in-place deployment - description
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:55:05 GMT

I think that in-place deployment is now complete and here is a short 
description of how it works:

* a module is deployed in-place, via the "distribute --inPlace <usual 
parameters>" command;
* only unpacked modules can be deployed in-place. If a packed module is 
deployed in-place, then the distribute command fails;
* when a module is redeployed, the cli automatically retrieves if it was 
initially deployed in-place. If it was, then the module is redeployed 
in-place. Note that the redeploy command does not provide a switch to 
perform an in-place re-deployment; and
* when an EAR module is deployed in-place, the WAR and RAR modules that 
it bundles are automatically unpacked, if need be. Basically, if we have:


After deployment, we have:

myWeb.war.saved  <-- myWeb.war has been renamed to this
myWeb.war/ <-- myWeb.war has been unzipped in this folder

Regarding this automatic unpack, it seems that we may instead want to 
throw an exception in such a scenario. I am happy to remove this feature 
if it is too dangerous.

At this stage, in-place deployment requires an explicit action from the 
user. It seems that we want to have by default in-place deployment for 
unpacked modules. Any objection to this change?


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