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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: 1.1 Release (Version Upgrades)
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 14:20:59 GMT
I'll include the commons-fileupload update you mentioned in the list.  As far as the console
fixes I 
consider them bugs.  The freeze date is to prevent the addition of cool new things that didn't
before.  Bug JIRAs and fixes to the build are the next phase to focus on.  I'll be monitoring
commits to the 1.1 branch and plan to -1 things that are not related to finalizing the release

(fixing bugs, fixing CTS, performance / runtime defects, etc.).


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> We need to update commons-fileupload for 1.1 if it doesn't terribly --
> the current one hangs occasionally (when the console processes upload
> files) and I'm pretty sure there's a new one available.
> Also for your list, I think we need a "What's New in 1.1?" page for
> the web site above and beyond the release notes.
> As far as the deadlines go, there are a lot of outstanding console
> fixes that ought to / need to go into 1.1 (there's a patch for the DB
> pools for 1.1 and I think the JMS one needs some attention and there
> are a lot of other console JIRAs to review).  I'm not sure I'll get it
> all together by tomorrow, but we can still make that the "freeze date"
> so long as the fixes to existing console functions can continue to go
> in.
> Finally, I have some thoughts I've put together on my goals/vision for
> Geronimo.  Should I wait until after 1.1 to get into that discussion? 
> (I'm not sure that's a good idea; I think we might want to have
> something to say along those lines when we're going through the 1.1
> release publicity.)
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> On 4/17/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
>>We're nearing the end of the CTS cycle and will soon have a stable 1.1.  Once we reach
this critical
>>stage we need to move into the final stages to release 1.1.  Here is my proposed list.
>>*Starting now:*
>>1. Code freeze for 2006/04/18 23:59 PST (except bug and performance fixes)
>>*Once we've reached CTS stable:* (feel free to volunteer for tasks)
>>1. Begin changing packages to upgrade as appropriate (proposed list below)
>>2. Develop *Release Notes*
>>3. Draft a *Press Release*
>>4. Begin performance regression
>>5. SWAG a date Release Candidate
>>6. Test, Test, Test
>>*After 1.1 is stable:*
>>1. Formalize strategy for syncing 1.1 and HEAD
>>2. Define a set of release goals for 1.2 and propose a target date
>>    I suggest that we define a theme for a release to help the group focus on a set
of goals
>>    that will guide the work for the next release.  This is not intended to be a rigid
>>    constraint but merely to provide some direction.  It will also help us define
a target
>>    release date to help us deliver on a consistent schedule for our users.
>>3. Solicit user feedback for prioritizing work
>>    Listening to our users and providing them with the features they want.
>>4. Aggressively update our dependent package versions to new new levels.
>>*Version Upgrades - Matt's Suggestions*
>>I looked at the packages out there and here is the first stab at which ones we should
>>                               *G*          *Available*
>>*Version*   *Package*         *Version*    *Version*
>>1.1         activemq          3.2.1        3.2.3
>>1.1         castor   or 1.0M3
>>1.1         daytrader         1.1-SNAPSHOT 1.1-SNAPSHOT
>>1.1         derby   
>>1.1         derby   
>>1.1         jasper            5.5.9        5.5.15
>>1.1         jasper            5.5.12       5.5.15
>>1.1         jetty             5.1.9        5.1.10
>>1.1         openejb           2.1-SNAPSHOT 2.1-SNAPSHOT
>>1.1         stax              1.1.1-dev    1.1.2
>>1.1         tomcat            5.5.9        5.5.15
>>1.1         tomcat_ajp        5.5.9        5.5.15
>>1.1         tranql            1.2.1        1.3-SNAPSHOT
>>1.1         tranql_connector  1.1          1.2-SNAPSHOT

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