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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.1 Release (Version Upgrades)
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 11:30:02 GMT
We're nearing the end of the CTS cycle and will soon have a stable 1.1.  Once we reach this
stage we need to move into the final stages to release 1.1.  Here is my proposed list.

*Starting now:*
1. Code freeze for 2006/04/18 23:59 PST (except bug and performance fixes)

*Once we've reached CTS stable:* (feel free to volunteer for tasks)
1. Begin changing packages to upgrade as appropriate (proposed list below)
2. Develop *Release Notes*
3. Draft a *Press Release*
4. Begin performance regression
5. SWAG a date Release Candidate
6. Test, Test, Test

*After 1.1 is stable:*
1. Formalize strategy for syncing 1.1 and HEAD
2. Define a set of release goals for 1.2 and propose a target date
    I suggest that we define a theme for a release to help the group focus on a set of goals
    that will guide the work for the next release.  This is not intended to be a rigid
    constraint but merely to provide some direction.  It will also help us define a target
    release date to help us deliver on a consistent schedule for our users.
3. Solicit user feedback for prioritizing work
    Listening to our users and providing them with the features they want.
4. Aggressively update our dependent package versions to new new levels.



*Version Upgrades - Matt's Suggestions*
I looked at the packages out there and here is the first stab at which ones we should upgrade.


                               *G*          *Available*
*Version*   *Package*         *Version*    *Version*
1.1         activemq          3.2.1	   3.2.3
1.1         castor   or 1.0M3
1.1         daytrader         1.1-SNAPSHOT 1.1-SNAPSHOT
1.1         derby   
1.1         derby   
1.1         jasper            5.5.9        5.5.15
1.1         jasper            5.5.12       5.5.15
1.1         jetty             5.1.9        5.1.10
1.1         openejb           2.1-SNAPSHOT 2.1-SNAPSHOT
1.1         stax              1.1.1-dev    1.1.2
1.1         tomcat            5.5.9        5.5.15
1.1         tomcat_ajp        5.5.9        5.5.15
1.1         tranql            1.2.1	   1.3-SNAPSHOT
1.1         tranql_connector  1.1          1.2-SNAPSHOT

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