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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Geronimo peak performance
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 20:26:01 GMT
Whoops from:

The script I was referring to was corestat.



Rainer Jung wrote:
> When preparing for the test, have a look at the very interesting
> cpustat/cputrack. Without this you won't really be able to judge on the
> cpu usage. Classical tools like sar/vmstat/prstat easily lead to wrong
> results (the amount of work a single strand [hardware thread] is able to
> do is not fixed. It really shares the core with the other strands. If
> they stall, it will execute on every cycle, if all 4 strands are busy
> each one will only execute on every 4th cycle. So the cpu power
> available to a strand is dynamic, but tools like prstat are not able to
> show that.
> For memory bus usage busstat is the way to go.
> If you need more info, you could start an off topic thread or mail me
> directly.
> Rainer
> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Yep...each core will handle 4 hardware threads.  It was built for
>> multiple threads and a JVM (multithreaded of course) is made for this
>> box.  For an appserver under load, I think the numbers should be
>> impressive on this box.
>> The cool thing about this machine is, each core is viewed as 4 cpus.
>> That means this box looks like it has 16 CPUs running (4 cores x 4
>> hardware threads)!
>> I can't wait to pound on this and see what it can do.  I am going to
>> have T2000->T2000 trials going on to maximize the throughput for CPU.
>> They come with 4 1 Ghz Ethernet ports each, so I am going to pipe these
>> up and hopefully there will be zero bottleneck on IO.

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