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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject Servlet Spec 2.5
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2006 21:32:15 GMT
FYI for anyone who is interested:

I've made a branch in the sandbox for servlet 2.5 integration work. 
The svn url is:

So far I have checked in the 2.5 servlet spec schema (and all of the
other JavaEE 5 schemas too) and upped the version of Jetty to 6 and
begun making changes in jetty & jetty-builder to support the new
Jetty API, and in a couple of other modules to support the changes
for the servlet 2.5 spec. 

Caveat: It's early days yet so don't expect the branch to compile 
just yet.

One issue that I've come across is that the javaee5 spec re-uses
the connector_1_5.xsd and j2ee_jaxrpc_mapping_1_1.xsd from j2ee 1.4.
As both of these xsds include j2ee_1_4.xsd, if all xmlbeans are
generated into the same package (ie org.apache.geronimo.xbeans.j2ee)
then most of the beans are generated twice. One solution would
be to generate the javaee5 beans into a different package eg
org.apache.geronimo.xbeans.javaee. If anybody has any thoughts
on this, then I'm all ears.


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