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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Servlet GBeans for Tomcat
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 14:55:51 GMT

Can you provide some more details on this?  Is there a JIRA containing a 
patch with the changes?  Some more comments/questions in-line below:

anita kulshreshtha wrote:
> Hi All,
>     An implementation of servlet GBeans for Tomcat is now available. I
> have discussed this with Jeff and would like your comments about
> including it in the upcoming release. To give some background, the
> current Tomcat integration is at module level. This implementation will
> provide finer grained integration, i.e. at the servlet level. This will
> provide access to Tomcat servlets. This is a requirement as per
> JSR77.3.17.
There is already a Servlet object extending J2EEManagedObject ....   Are you talking about a 
different interface or the Tomcat implementation of that interface?
>      This implementation also provides access to tomcat performance
> statistics via JSR77. Some of these statistics are needed for the admin
> console. This is also required by JSR77.6.32  
>      Another feature is a webapp which can be used to access tomcat
> internals, i.e. all the Mbeans! It can be added to the applications
> directory for now. We can consider merging it with either the debug or
> admin console at a later time. 
How does webapp differ from the JMXExplorer that is still waiting to be 
integrated in GERONIMO-1163?
>     From a user's perspective it will make both web containers have a
> similar look and feel.
But your change only includes the tomcat implementation for now ... correct?
> Thanks
> Anita
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