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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Release 1.1 Schedule and To Dos
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 21:21:13 GMT
First off, thanks to Dain and David for the hours of work it took to improve the config issues

discovered in 1.0.  Unfortunately, you saved the human race from certain destruction but because
were so adept most users probably won't notice.  So from our side thanks for the hours you
guys put 
in to address this.

Looks like the majority of the server work has been completed and the server now build, starts
can run DayTrader.  I'd like to get 1.1 out by April 28th so we can announce it on May 1st.
 If we 
can do it earlier then all the better.  Of course this all depends on several factors.

1. When do we ship the 1.1?
1. How many things do we put into 1.1?
2. How long it takes to pass CTS?
3. Who has time and energy to get 1.1 out the door?

For question 1 I propose a straw man date for freezing the branch as 23:59 PST on 4/14.  This
us approximately two weeks to get bug fixes, features and other stuff into 1.1.  After that
its no 
changes unless they're fixing the build.  Binaries are to be complete on 4/28 and on the apache

Server signed sealed and ready for download.  We'll announce on 5/1 that 1.1 is available.
let's coordinate announcements through the Release Manager (me :) so we don't have another

availability announcement go out with no deliverable.

To answer question number 2 I have a proposed list of content for 1.1.  This includes bug
feature improvements, and CTS.

Next, for question number 2 there are the bug fixes, improvements, etc.  At the end of this
are the items from JIRA currently targeted for 1.1.  I have sorted them by category (bugs,

improvements, features, etc.) and included who currently has the JIRA assigned to them.  Please
a few minutes and review the list. If you can get this item fixed for 1.1 then that's excellent.
you can't please either move the item to a new release or unassign it from yourself so someone
can take it.  I'll start moving unassigned items out of 1.1.  It you feel it is a must fix
but can't 
do it then speak up.

I think we need to be able to tolerate (if not flat out certify on) JDK 1.5.  This was the
one item users are asking for.  If we can't certify then we should at least note that RMI
supported.  I'm researching the issue related to QName and serialization between 1.4 and 1.5.

Next, we need some volunteers to coordinate the CTS activity.  I think Kevan has been working
this but I expect a few more volunteers would be helpful.

So, when we deliver 1.1 by May 1st we'll be on a 4 month release schedule.  Let me know your

feedback and thoughts.

*J I R A   I T E M S*

Aaron Mulder 	
DatabasePoolPortlet gets NPE when saving

Aaron Mulder 	
A new TCP listener for ActiveMQ is not persisting across server startups

Aaron Mulder 	
keystore generated by KeyStore portlet could not be used to add either Jetty or Tomcat HTTPS

Aaron Mulder
DB info portlet should use new GeronimoVersion

David Jencks
packaging plugin creates client cars with wrong version

David Jencks
HOWLLog throws NPE because XidFactory is missing

Donald Woods
Configs needing updated to not include Xerces files in the Repository as duplicates to lib\endorsed

Donald Woods
Changes to default log4j.rootCategory are not dynamic

Donald Woods
LDAP Security Realm created via Console can fail deployment

Paul McMahan 	
getConsoleFrameworkServletPath broken

Configuration geronimo/jetty/1.0-SNAPSHOT/car defines Spring Framework - Hibernate based Web-app
not work

[daytrader] daytrader/docs/tradeFAQ.html out of date

Unassigned's category is ignored

ActiveMQ plan uses hardcoded obsolete org/apache/geronimo/ActiveMQ module name

Many "org/apache/geronimo" configIds still live in source tree

NPE in connector DConfigBeans if no config params present on connection definition instance

Plan XML files aren't included in Geronimo distributions (was included in M5 release)

NPE while deploying EJB as Web Service

Better error message for missing WSDL file for EJB web service

webservices.xml <wsdl-file> and <jaxrpc-mapping-file> values can't start with

NPE for EJB webservices.xml with bad <jaxrpc-mapping-file>

Servlet web service is created once and destroyed many times

Servlet web service WSDL mangling has http://host:port//path

Web app security on /* causes deployment exception

Repeated interface in JMS connection factory plan causes deployment failure

Using default Console Realm, when delete a user it will not be removed from the groups

Daytrader MDBs do not start properly

MDB without activation-config in openejb-jar.xml silently fails

Web app context-root should trim whitespace

server does not start if openejb-jar.xml activation-config had whitespace in values

NPE during deployment related to EJB Ref

Console security realm doesn't let you pick a JAR

Deployment of ear with external plan using "Deploy New" console option caused FileNotFoundException

Move from 1.1-dev version of commons-fileupload to version 1.1

default config.xml does not list Jetty AJP connector

baseDir NPE in org.apache.geronimo.deployment.DeploymentContext

FileSystemRepository not able to handle entry with version number which is a single digit

Properties File Login module fails after editing through Admin Console

SQL Login Modules logs "null" instead of the driver name

Possible to have a configuration partially installed that is not possible to undeploy

1.0.1 won't accept plans with 1.0 configIds in references, parents, imports, etc.

Aaron Mulder 	
KeyStore portlet should support deletion of certificates and private keys

Aaron Mulder 	
Commits that shoud be merged from HEAD to 1.1

Dain Sundstrom 	
Support optional version number on dependencies

Dain Sundstrom 	
Eliminate config-store/# directory structure

Donald Woods 	
Add usage of SimpleEncryption to PropertiesFileLoginModule and Admin Console

Add NamedUPCredentialLoginModule to Console Realm Wizard

Application class loader should not see server classes

In naming schema, make uri optional in portType

*New Features*		

Aaron Mulder 	
Additional support for Targets passed into JSR88

Matt Hogstrom  	
Provide a statement cache for TranQL for JDBCs drivers that don't inherintly provide this


*Wish List*		

User friendly error message from GBeanInstance

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