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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Update on Long Paths
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 01:24:27 GMT
Prasad got the patch working on all web applications.  The next big  
offenders left are the auto generated WebServices wrapper class and  
the precompiled JSP pages.  David Jencks has a patch for the  
WebServices class, but we are waiting to get the TCK running so we  
can judge the impact.  I disabled precompiled JSP pages, as they  
didn't work anyway.  We generate the classes and compile them, but we  
never added them to the class path and we are not merging generated- 
web.xml into our web.xml.  I'm hoping Prasad has time to tackle this  

With these patches in, except for the WS class, the longest paths  
including server name is 224 and 217 characters:


These will become 179 and 189 characters when we drop -SNAPSHOT from  
all of the version numbers.  I'm also hoping we can change the name  
daytrader-derby-jetty-streamer-client to something shorter.

This is a lot better and will allow for at least 50 characters of  
head room, which I hope is plenty for windows users.

As for next steps, I'd like to get the hot deploy service working  
better.  With the addition of the in-place deployment feature from  
Gianny and the timestamp I added to the configuration, we should be  
able to write a much better service.  Once we have the better hot  
deploy service, we will be able to implement the flat deployment  
model that Hernan and others have suggested.


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