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From "Krishnakumar B" <>
Subject Implementing Global JNDI
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:40:13 GMT

In geronimo road map there was a requirement for implementing Global
JNDI for geronimo.

An approach to implementing the same is posted below. Kindly post your
valuable feedback.

* Write and Deploy a GBean For Global JNDI
* GBean on startup of server would introspect the server and build JNDI tree
   - jdbc
   - jms
   - ejb etc...
* JNDI tree is stored in Hashmap and we can use
ComponentContextBuilder to build this tree.
* We can use EnterpriseNamingContext to create a context.
* The Context is stored as a static variable in the Local Factory Class.
* During deployment a new entry is added to Context ( Hashmap.)
* During undeployment an entry is removed from Context ( Hashmap )
* We can reuse the existing the geronimo-naming package for directory

We have done some initial ground work ( Writing Gbean, Building JNDI
Tree ) and would be glad to know how such an implementation would fit
into geronimo server, limitations if any so that we know we are using
the right approach.


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