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Subject Issues Closed: week of 04-14-2006
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 11:00:01 GMT
Project: Apache Geronimo
Status: Resolved, Closed (21 items)
Updated In Last: Week (7 days)

** New Feature

 * [GERONIMO-1259]  reduce the size of the combined deployment plan: package deployment plans
in a jar and pass this jar to the deployer

** Bug

 * [GERONIMO-1847]  FileNotFoundException when installing car into repository with packaging
plugin when parent directories not created.
 * [GERONIMO-1831]  Need to package console WEB-INF/classes into a JAR
 * [GERONIMO-1843]  Error attempting to deploy web applications to tomcat without a geronimo
 * [GERONIMO-1452]  Config.xml refers to the wrong JMX remote service gbean (Fix included)
 * [GERONIMO-1830]  Need to add Environment to DConfigBeans
 * [GERONIMO-1824]  geronimo-config-1.0.xsd incorrectly documents that classes can be comma-separated
inside a filter element
 * [GERONIMO-1825]  Only one filter element can be specified inside a hidden-classes or non-overridable-classes
element in plans
 * [GERONIMO-1836]  Packaging plugin expects does not handle the environment element being
in namespaces other than the deployer namespace
 * [GERONIMO-1827]  deployment-1.1.xsd missing
 * [GERONIMO-1820]  corrupted config.ser may cause NPE in ProgressBarStartupMonitor.repaint()
 * [GERONIMO-1789]  Exceptions while adding SQL Realm thru Admin Console
 * [GERONIMO-1316]  Create JMS destination pretty darn broken
 * [GERONIMO-1097]  (Patch) Keystore Portlet should point to the default keystore file instead
of ssl-keystore-1
 * [GERONIMO-1768]  bad group for console has no error page that allows user logout/correction

** Improvement

 * [GERONIMO-1837]  Uninstalling an ear should cascade-uninstall all application clients
 * [GERONIMO-1430]  Create TimedConfigStore (config store that timestamps deployments)
 * [GERONIMO-1664]  Export / Import configurations capability
 * [GERONIMO-1771]  Console should create links for all sections including the "current section"
 * [GERONIMO-1770]  Console should create links for all sections including the "current section"

** Task

 * [GERONIMO-1800]  SPECjAppServer2004 Deployment Descriptors

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