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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: 1.1 Status and Questions
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:11:03 GMT
On 4/12/06, Dain Sundstrom <> wrote:
> I have been thinking about this.  I am very concerned that if we
> merge 1.1 into HEAD we will break the build for a week or two.  Our
> history is that we when the build is broken people continue to work
> and we quickly drift from compliance.

Oh, come on, we can always tag the correct buildable version and do
our best to get the build up and running again.

> I like this plan but I'd like to modify it a bit.

Let me modify it a little bit, too.

> * Freeze HEAD asap... move all work to 1.1 with a focus releasing it

Does it also include M2 conversion (which has unfortunatelly stopped
for a while)? There's been some work done. I've just planned to take a
look at it again after some time delving into M2 internals and am not
that happy to have heard we're about to freeze head. The break has
taken much longer than I had anticipated, but am now more confident we
could finish the conversion soon, really soon, say 2-3 weeks.

> * Once 1.1 is released we start moving feature from the old HEAD
> (1.2) branch to new 1.2

What are the branches? I don't understand?

>      * Noone is allowed to break the build


>      * We keep TCK stat at all passed at all times


>      * The server is always in a releasable state


> I think we are in the ditch again due to the major rearchitecture
> David and I did.  Regardless of this being a good or bad solution we
> are 3+ months from the last release and the is unacceptable.

  * No work ought to be done on a branch longer than a month.

Changes from a branch should be commited to the trunk as often as it's
possible leading to a situation that branches become quickly obsolete.
The major rearchitecture (aside from its importance) scares me much
and I think I'm not alone. Not only it's a rearchitecture, but it's a
major one that will likely present itself as a brand new Geronimo and
for some as sleepless nights struggling with its internals. Yeah, I
know I shouldn't complain so much, but couldn't resist doing it.

Just an idea, what about leaving trunk as is, i.e. following your
suggestions and use it to finish the m2 migration? The changes would
go into the new trunk in small chunks. We could always have done it,
actually, but now I feel a bit disappointed to leave all the work
because merging the branch is very troublesome.

> -dain


Jacek Laskowski

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