Aaron Mulder wrote, On 3/23/2006 7:07 AM:
On 3/23/06, Rick McGuire <rickmcg@gmail.com> wrote:
The "random Geromino" code is all part of the original bounycastle
import, I believe.

That's not entirely correct -- there's our utility classes for
encrypting passwords in config files and I have some
soon-to-be-committed changes adding certificate helper code like
generating a formatted fingerprint (MD5 hash).

The code that is in this package is all of the bits from bouncycastle
necessary to support the asn1 functions required by openejb.  Anything
not in the asn1 subdir is just a class needed by the asn1 code, so
perhaps a better package name would be asn1 (with some appropriate

But it's also used by our keystore implementation, which is (or should
be) fundamental to any SSL networking in the web container, EJB
container, JMS, etc., etc., etc.  I am also in the process of making
the keystore logic more central to Geronimo and moving toward a
central service that will provide SSL server socket factories, and
that will all leverage this library, so between the password
encryption and that, I don't terribly fancy calling it ASN1.

Crytpo works for me.  The ASN1 code is solely for the crypto support.  Hiding that stuff there is a good idea imo.