Noel J. Bergman wrote:
James Strachan wrote:

What other issues are there?

A number of infrastucture issues.  Votes from the Incubator PMC and Geronimo
PMC.  To do that responsibly, I'd say that we would want to see communities
having demonstrated that they understand how to practice as an ASF
community.  Such things are subjective, and typically have taken some time.

Looking at the historical record: Derby took a year; Nutch took 5 months;
JaxME and jUDDI took 6 months; JDO took 7 months.  Those are just a few
projects that have graduated to another TLP, and every community is
different, but ActiveMQ and ServiceMix haven't been in the Incubator for 3
months, and are still moving over their infrastructure.  Anyone see a need
to rush to judgment?

I don't see any rush here.  Is it not a natural question to ask what else is left to do?  Is there a compelling reason to keep this in the incubator if there is no real need other than historical precedence of previous podlings' matriculation?  There were concrete reasons for the duration of their incubation.  If they are the same issues as AMQ, then let's focus on those concrete issues.