Noel J. Bergman wrote:
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

This is not a vote, but simply a discussion about the graduation of
ActiveMQ from the Incubator.

Personally, I do not consider ActiveMQ ready.  And I do believe that it
should be targeting TLP status.  It has its own community, is separately
releasable and useable in many projects, not just as part of a J2EE server,
and would do better as its own TLP.  To reiterate, these are my views.  The
Incubator PMC may share or differ in its collective view.

Keep in mind that I am not saying anything negative about ActiveMQ.  I like
the project.  I have had quite constructive discussions with members of the
project about possibly using the project.  It simply has a way to go before
it is ready as a TLP.  For that matter, as others have pointed out, it still
has some way to go in migrating infrastructure, of which JIRA is only one
issue, and is being addressed.

Generally speaking, I concur with the point made by others: new projects
should learn from the mistakes of others, not emulate them.


I only see infrastructure issues in your list of concerns that would prevent the graduation of ActiveMQ.

You express an opinion that it should be a TLP but mention that it has a long way to go before it's ready for that.  Can you enumerate what remains, aside from the infrastructure issues, to be done to graduate as a TLP?  If AMQ has less inspiring aspirations and was to initially land as a sub-project, can you enumerate what remains to be done to graduate?

IMO, aside from the infrastructure issues, AMQ is good to go as a sub-project.  It should start there and if it's worthy enough, evolve into a TLP.  I see no good reason for it to stay in the incubator at this time.