I'm not sure that I like this.  Consider this a technical veto.

Let us focus our efforts on a a clean m2 build, not stop gap measures like this one listed below.


anita kulshreshtha wrote, On 3/5/2006 6:50 PM:
Hi All,
   I am afraid that I have yet another way to do an M2
build! It uses a dummy pom, which copies a jar from
.maven to .m2 repo. It does not disturb any thing
produced by m1 build.
1. The attached pom can be added to ALL the modules
that do not have a pom.xml by editing <artifactId> and
2. Do mvn install from top level, and now all the jars
and poms (incomplete) will be in m2 repo. 
3. Pick your favorite module, I know there are so many
of you who would like to try one! 
  cd a-module
  mvn install 
    The advantage here is that no one needs to depend
on any one elses module! I just got it to work. If
there is interest in doing this, I will spend some
more time to see if there are any other issues.
         Comments welcome.


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