Hi, community!

I experiment with running Geronimo on various JVM's. The interesting thing I've encountered is that some of unit tests fail on BEA Jrockit VM. I've got at least three failures unique to BEA Jrockit 1.4.2_04 VM:

Module: modules/directory
Test: org.apache.geronimo.directory.RunningTest
Result: VM hangs

Module: modules/timer
Test: org.apache.geronimo.timer.NontransactionalThreadPooledTimerTest.testTasksInUnspecifiedTxContext
Output: expected:<20> but was:<19>

Module: modules/tomcat
Test: org.apache.geronimo.tomcat.JAASSecurityTest.testNotAuthorized
Output: expected:<<!-- Login Page -->> but was:<null>

These tests pass on all Sun VMs. Situation with Jrockit 1.5 is much worse - more than 60 failures. It may result in overall instability while running Geronimo on BEA.
Any comments & suggestions?

Alexei Zakharov,
Intel Middleware Product Division