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From "Conrad O'Dea" <>
Subject Why wrap a WebServiceContainer with a StoredObject?
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:58:41 GMT

In the AxisBuilder, when the configurePOJO method constructs an  
AxisWebServiceContainer it is set as an attribute in a GBeanData  
object but is also wrapped in a StoredObject:

targetGBean.setAttribute("webServiceContainer", new StoredObject 
// Hack!

It's been commented as a hack and I'm just wondering if anyone knows  
why it was done like that.  This is causing me a problem as the  
Celtix based WebServiceContainer that I am building contains a  
reference to an active Celtix transport which does not take kindly to  
being serialized.

Is the wrapping of the WebServiceContainer with a StoredObject  
something that can be changed easily?


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