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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Apache Wide Eclipse Update Site
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 14:43:44 GMT

We at Apache are interested in setting up an Apache wide Eclipse  
update site.   Several concerns have been brought up which I've not  
been able to find answers to and I'm hoping that sending a note here  
might lead me in the right direction :)

So our primary concern is with signed jars on the update site.  The  
update site currently for the "Apache Geronimo" project currently has  
feature and plugin jars that are signed and the signatures exists in  
the same directory as each of the plugins/features.  However when  
using the update manager to install the features, it looks as if the  
jar validation is not occuring as the warning message "... not  
digitally signed" appears.   So question 1 is... what are the steps  
to correctly enable this jar validation?

Secondly, can mirroring be supported without having the site.xml  
having to exist on the mirror sites as well? Does the mirror site  
require a copy of the site.xml or can it somehow be configured to  
reuse the site.xml you're pointing to originally?  For the geronimo  
case, not mirroring the site.xml seems to invalidate the mirror  
site.  Our concern is with the mirror site being spoofed and the  
possibility of site.xml being modified to point to bad jars.  I've  
been told that xml can be signed, but can eclipse validate the  
consistency of the site.xml?

Finally, we're wanting to set up a seperate subdomain for the eclipse  
update site and are looking into names.  Who can I talk to ensure  
that none of choices break any eclipse trademarks?  (example...

Any answers would be appreciated or point me to the correct people.

Thank you.

- sachin

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