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From "Phani Madgula" <>
Subject Session replication in Geronimo clustering
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 14:16:40 GMT

I have been trying to use tomcat clustering with Geronimo for a customer
application. Sometimes, I face the following problem.

I downloaded apache2.0.54 and mod_jk_1.2.15 and tested clustering. I have
three machines on a same subnet one windows and other are linux boxes. I
have also enabled IPMulticast and no firewalls between systems.

To my observation, session replication is not working. However, loadbalancer
is able to fail-over successfully.

When I shutdown the instance which is serving the HttpRequests, it will
throw an exception stating "not able to start cluster listener" and also "no
active members in the cluster"

11:09:10,572 DEBUG [WebappLoader] Stopping this Loader

11:09:10,573 ERROR [ReplicationListener] Unable to start cluster listener.


at org.apache.catalina.cluster.tcp.ReplicationListener.listen( Code))



11:09:10,573 DEBUG [StandardContext] resetContext Geronimo

11:09:10,575 DEBUG [StandardContext] Stopping complete


11:03:07,998 INFO [DeltaManager] Manager [/servlet-examples-cluster]:
skipping state transfer. No members active in cluster group.

I have tested with both mod_jk_1.2.14 & mod_jk_1.2.15, but failed.
Any ideas on why this error comes?..


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