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From David Jencks <>
Subject Progress on 1.1/configid branch
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 22:02:17 GMT
Dain has been working on configuration reference counting.  This is  
done for configuration load.  For configuration start it requires  
implementing the "classes only" configuration dependency in order  
that our builders can load the runtime configurations without  
starting them so the packaging plugin will work.  Dain plans to  
finish this up and implement the required children feature of  
configurations so wars will be started with their ears.

I've made a start on the 2nd half of this effort, making version  
optional in gbean references.  I've introduced an "AbstractName" that  
basically has the configuration artifactId and a map of name parts in  
it. AbstractName also holds the object name for the gbean.  There's  
also an AbstractNameQuery.

I'm going to work on:
- separating the dependency and reference code in GBeanInstance/ 
- making single gbean references resolved in the preprocess phase of  
loading a configuration, so they can just get a proxy right away, no  
need to look around.
- the object name construction for an abstract name is currently  
confused.  The object name should be constructed by  the builder, not  
when the configuration is loaded.

The 1.1 build is currently broken around security-builder.  After the  
work above is completed I'll continue fixing the build.

david jencks

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