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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Problems building on windows
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 19:21:25 GMT
Thanks for the information Kevan.

Kevan Miller wrote:
> I'd concentrate on the Temp files to begin with... They're more  likely 
> at the heart of the problem -- they give an explanation for  why this is 
> only happening on Windoze...
> Each open file descriptor is going to be consuming memory. As I  recall, 
> the delete-on-exit function will also consume memory. How  many temp 
> files are being created during the course of a build?

It appears that there are about 47 of the test* files, 35 of the 
geronimo-deploymentUtil* files, and 31 package*.tmpdir directories 
containing a varying number of files each.   All together, there are 249 
files and 469 directories created in temp as a result of this build attempt.

> Around "LDAP Demo for Jetty", my build on Mac OSX is only using ~  
> 60megs. By the end of the build, however, I'm using 90 out of 108  megs. 
> So, we don't have a lot of headroom. Quite possible that  there's a 
> memory leak floating around...
> --kevan (who is happy to not have this problem, yet... ;-)

Joe Bohn
joe.bohn at

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot 
lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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