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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject javamail authentication
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 13:23:32 GMT
I've been working on the javamail code, mostly on the base 
implementation.  Today, I finally started looking at the Geronimo mail 
GBean code, and added GBean adaptors for the NNTPStore and NNTPTransport 

I suspect it really has not been used much, since prior shipped releases 
only had support for SMTP without authentication, but we may need to 
take a look at adding some default mail authenticators.  As structured 
now, there is a configured MailGBean that can manage multiple mail 
resources (typically, a Store/Transport pair, but it can manage more 
than that).  It is configured with a Collection of protocol GBeans that 
describe the different protocol properties.  There is one ProtocolGBean 
for each type of transport or store Geronimo supports (e.g., SMTP, POP3, 
NNTP, etc.).

Additionally, the constructor for MailGBean takes an instance of 
javax.mail.Authenticator, which will be used by the transport/store 
services for requesting site passwords.  The ProtocolGBeans allow 
configuring of the user names, but no password information.  The 
passwords need to be retrieved from the Authenticator at run time.

Currently, there are no default Authenticator implementations included 
in Geronimo.  When only non-authenticated SMTP was available, this was 
not much of an issue.  However, now that Geronimo has a javamail 
implemenation that supports authenticated SMTP, NNTP, and POP3 (with 
IMAP on the radar screen), this has become a little more important.

So, what sort of authenticator(s) should be written so users can 
configure mail support without needing to write their own Authenticator 
instances?  I think we need something, but I'm not too clear how 
sophisticated the something needs to be.

I'll also admit my ignorance on how some of the GBean configuration 
references get resolved, since I've been working on the javamail base 
code, which is not really connected to the rest of Geronimo.  Given I 
have an appropriate implementation of the Authenticator class to use, 
how do I configure the MailGBean so it is properly initialized with 
correct Authenticator instance?


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