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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Console Patches
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 19:46:21 GMT

Regarding 1130, I just attached a new version of the patch for the 
current trunk so it is ready to go be considered.   Please use the newly 
added patch (1130_WebServerStatsJetty.patch).

1408 would be fine to include in the second group of JIRAs (those w/o 
patches) but it really isn't directly related to this JIRA.  This only 
deals with the web server statistics ... not the Network Listeners 
portlet that is presented on the same page.

Thanks for looking into these.

Aaron Mulder wrote:
> I'm looking at console issues and patches in JIRA.  The following ones
> look like good candidates.  Does anyone have any comments or thoughts
> on which ones may be or not be ready or any dependencies between them?
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> Patches:
> 1037: confirmation when deleting things
> 1130: make more generic web statistics for Jetty (NOTE: waiting on
> updated patch from Joe), see also 1408
> 1182: web connector portlet confirmation, cancel button, etc.
> 1196: keystore portlet improvements (empty alias blows up)
> 1199: keystore portlet improvements (display fingerprints)
> 1396: more consistent look and feel for tables
> 1413: set JSPs to UTF-8
> 1414: set icon for about page
> 1426: console breakage on Windows with spaces in install path
> 1484: display logged-in username
> 1498: not serializable exception due to JDBC driver download
> 1503: keystore portlet improvements (passwords)
> 1524: allow selection of multiple JDBC driver JARs
> 1529: show Geronimo version number in console
> 1531: keystore portlet enhancements (delete cert/key)
> 1572: better error if cookies are disabled
> 1634: NoClassDefFoundError in log viewer (NOTE: Jeff looking at this)
> 1699: missing JDOM classes (NOTE: Jeff looking at this)
> 1700: stack trace printed if deploy app that's already deployed
> 1701: improvements to EJB portlet
> No patch yet, but should be looked at:
> 1273: More context info when adding JMS protocol
> 1376: display URL for deployed web apps
> 1388: Make sure "Go" button is visible
> 1390: Link not always visible
> 1391: keystore error, looks like keystore issues described above
> 1592: Add new security realm type
> 1692: Next server restart after console edits dumps stack trace
> 1704: Need to be able to select a JAR for a security realm
> 1705: AJAX progress bar for JDBC driver download
> 1711: Add "restart" option for web connector
> 1721: Ability to delete a security realm
> 1741: Ability to redeploy an application
> 1746: Change to log config file not respected on restart

Joe Bohn
joe.bohn at

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot 
lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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