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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: svn help
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 00:58:03 GMT
Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> 2006/3/9, John Sisson <>:
>> I looked at the svn properties on the pom.xml file for directory and
>> hot-deploy (others probably have the same issue) and the eol-style
>> property for *.xml files isn't set to native.
>> This indicates that your svn client isn't set up properly.  See the
>> "Subversion Client Config" topic at:
>> and compare your settings with those listed on the wiki page.
> I had them the same, but what I did was to copy it over again (I also
> edited the page to reflect that we're using 'Rev' rather than
> 'Revision' and no other properties are).
FYI, the "Revision" SVN keyword can also be specified in alternate forms 
such as "LastChangedRevision" or "Rev" (according to the ), so the previous Wiki 
instructions would have worked.  I have updated the wiki page with more 
information on svn keywords and how to test that the auto-props are working.

>> If the eol-style isn't set to native for text based files it will cause
>> problems for developers working on different platforms.
> How can I check out whether or not I'm inline with the configuration?
> I'm using cygwin on WinXP and Eclipse/NetBeans.
See the updated wiki page for info on how to test that the auto props 
are working.

Do you only use subversion under Cygwin?  If you also use it from 
Windows or Eclipse/Netbeans you may need to check that the "Windows" 
version of Subversion isn't reading a different config file to the 
Cygwin version (I don't use Cygwin, so I am not sure).  If any IDE 
implements Subversion support themselves without using the subversion 
command line client then the method of configuring the auto-props may be 



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