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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject A couple of javamail questions
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 14:47:30 GMT
I'm currently working on adding NNTP Store support to the Geronimo 
javamail code, which is built on top of the code that was integrated 
last week that added NNTP Transport support.  I've ran into a little 
gotcha on this.  The Store and Transport providers are defined in the 
javamail.default.providers file, and all providers must be unique (e.g., 
smtp, pop3, etc.).  For NNTP, we're going to have both a Store and a 
Transport, and only one can have the nntp name.  The Sun impl doesn't 
have nntp, so there's no guidance from that corner.

GNU classpath has an NNTP implementation, and that version uses "nntp" 
for the Store, and "nntp-post" for the Transport.  The Geronimo code is 
currently using "nntp" for the Transport, but it's easy enough to change 
that as I doubt this code is widely used after less than one week.  
Should we copy what GNU did or use something else (perhaps "nntp" and 

Also, the vendor information in the javamaildefault.providers file 
includes version numbers.  Should we be incrementing at least the smtp 
version number since this has changed considerably since the last 
Geronimo release, or should we change these to line up with Geronimo 
release versions.  Thus new providers would not be 1.0 even though they 
are new in this release.


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