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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject heads-up: Servlet-2.5 & jetty 6 branch?
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:55:38 GMT


I'm tuning back into G after zoning out for a while....
I'd like to started work on the jetty6 integration to 
provide servlet 2.5

The goals of the jetty 6 integration will be:
 + 2.5 servlet API.
 + annotation support
 + Simplify integration using Jetty 6 interceptor friendly architecture.
 + Use geronimo threadpool
 + Use Session API ( or iteration of that (see comments posted earlier)) as 
   basis of session manager
 + Experiment with WADI and clustering integration
 + Better JACC specific security handler (perhaps to be back ported to Jetty)
 + Potentially use common server socket factories and eventually SSL Engine

For this I'm going to created a branch geronimo/sandbox/servlet-2.5 
and add geronimo-spec-servlet to geronimo/spec/branches/JEE5 

I'm going for a full branch:

 + because I actually want to see how hard it will be to use
   svn to maintain a parallel dev branch.
 + I want some stability 
 + I think there will be some moderately global changes that
   may affect multiple modules.
 + The branch will be a good place for a 2.5 tomcat module
   to be developed at the same time.

everybody OK with this?
I'd like to start this soonish, although I'm tempted to wait
for maven2 to be working.


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