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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject m2 eclipse plugin migration
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 00:18:08 GMT
So I've been banging my head over the weekend on how best to handle  
eclipse plugin dependencies in M2. And I think I just realized my  
answer on my way home.  Whenever you're building a eclipse plugin  
using PDE you're always building against a target distribution and  
the plugin jars that are in that distribution.  A plugin developer  
wouldn't pick to build against version A of this plugin, version B of  
another plugin, basically they wouldn't be mixing and matching.   
Rather you build against a "target workbench" and the plugins and the  
versions of those plugins that come with a given build.  So the  
question I was trying to figure out was how to manage the versions of  
the plugins as every build of eclipse, wtp, emf... etc have different  
versions of plugins due to the introduction of qualifier builds.  The  
answer I think is that I shouldn't be looking at the individual  
versions of the jars as this greatly complicates things especially  
from a maintainability perspective, and I should only need to deal  
with building against a given distribution.  And from that  
perspective the the answer is easy, and I can programatically set the  
versions of the plugins during build time depending on what  
distribution I'm pointing at.

So for any eclipse plugin dependencies declared in my pom's I'm  
thinking I'll introduce a "DISTRO" keyword for the version element.   
Then at build time, any eclipse dependency with a version set to  
DISTRO will be set to the exact version of the dependency inside the  
targeted distribution.  This makes things much much simpler.  Anytime  
I want to move up to a different build, only the build URL would need  
to change.

If anyone has any other ideas let me know.

- sachin

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