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Subject [jira] Closed: week of 03-10-2006
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 12:00:03 GMT
Project: Apache Geronimo
Status: Resolved, Closed (17 items)
Updated In Last: Week (7 days)

** New Feature

 * [GERONIMO-1712]  Add NNTP Store support to javamail
 * [GERONIMO-1675]  Add NNTP transport to the javamail package.

** Bug

 * [GERONIMO-1708]  javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage use of private methods short circuits
lazy loading by MimeMessage subclasses.
 * [GERONIMO-1707]  java.mail.Message is not initializing the session information with the
Folder constructors.
 * [GERONIMO-1688]  Fresh build fails because of unsatisfied dependency on activecluster in
 * [GERONIMO-1679]  Typo in j2ee-builder's project.xml
 * [GERONIMO-1673]  SMTPTransport is not performing byte-stuffing and newline canonicalization
on message data.

** Improvement

 * [GERONIMO-1613]  Eliminate unncessary dependencies to reduce assemnbly footprint size
 * [GERONIMO-1656]  Complete implementation of javamail Session class address map loading.

** Task

 * [GERONIMO-1672]  Migrate security module to M2
 * [GERONIMO-1667]  Remove console-web module as it has now become obsolete

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