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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: Migrating geronimo-plugins to M2
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 00:11:43 GMT
2006/3/20, Prasad Kashyap <>:

> As we start migrating the plugins, where do we drop them ?
> [ ] Option 1: create a new directory for m2 plugins. (eg.
> geronimo/m2-plugins). Drop m2 plugins here. In the future, delete
> existing geronimo/plugins and rename the m2-plugins to plugins.
> [ ] Option 2: drop m2 plugins in the same directories as their m1
> counterparts. The m2 code will be in a different package structure.
> The m2 artifact will have a different groupid. Ensure different  jars
> get built. Live with the harmless possibility of the m1 jar carrying
> m2 classes and vice-versa.

[X] Option 3: It's a mixture of Option 1 and Option 2, i.e. create a
new directory for m2 plugins *and* support them as well as the m1
plugins. Although it's technically possible to do Option 2, it may not
be very user- and developer- friendly. Let's keep these two plugin
flavours separated. I think m2-plugins is good enough to get us

> Prasad


Jacek Laskowski

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