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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: Upgrade your M2 to the latest unstable version
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 18:30:04 GMT
2006/3/5, Alan D. Cabrera <>:

> What bug is slowing our conversion progress?

After having realized that my previous problems might've stem from the
fact that it's not M2 itself, but the plugins, I must admit that
there're no bugs that really affect the conversion and the requirement
of using M2 in that particular version is not valid any more. Sorry
for a false heads-up. I'll have to figure out, though, how to use the
latest and gratest plugins (e.g. maven-surefire-plugin) rather than
the final version of them as they're pretty buggy in the areas we're
most interested in (e.g. environmentVariables of
maven-surefire-plugin). It also helps when you see a trouble to take a
look at the source code - when it's not sync'ed with the plugins
available in the repo(s), strange results happen.

> Alan


Jacek Laskowski

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