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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: How to use discouragedRuntimeAccess extension point
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 18:51:33 GMT
You should start using the run-time workbench to test your changes it  
will make things easier for you.  Read this... http://

in particular...

"To test-run your work, PDE provides a special launch configuration  
type that allows you to launch another workbench instance (referred  
to as the run-time workbench) with your workspace plug-ins included  
in its configuration (this is also referred to as self-hosting—you  
don't have to install your plug-ins into an external workbench just  
to test-run them; instead, you can use your own development workbench  
installation, dynamically). Your Eclipse launch configuration will  
allow you to specify which plug-ins you want included, special  
command-line arguments, environment properties, and so on."

- sachin

On Mar 1, 2006, at 1:41 PM, Ted Kirby wrote:

> For the record, this did work, when I properly installed it in a  
> fresh, new, pristine eclipse tree.
> It also worked when I lanched it in debug mode.
> What I had been doing was rebuild plugin, and extract it to my  
> eclipse directory, on top of the old/existing code.
> (Perhaps this will work, if I use a completely new workspace?)
> I had then deleted my old projects, then created new ones, and this  
> discouragedAccess rule was not working.
> Now, I installed my eclipse to a tst\base dir.
> To test, I xcopy that toe tst\e, then extract the plugin to tst\e,  
> and run, with new workspace.
> On 3/1/06, Ted Kirby <> wrote:
> I now have:
>  <extension  
> point="org.apache.geronimo.devtools.eclipse.core.discouragedRuntimeAcc 
> ess">
>         <restriction id="org.apache.geronimo.generic.runtime.10">
>          <path value="/lib/cglib- nodep-2.1_3.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/commons-cli-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/commons- i18n-1.0-G1M5.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/commons-logging-1.0.4.jar "/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo-common-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo- deploy-jsr88-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo-deploy-tool-1.0.jar "/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo-deployment-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo-j2ee-deployment_1.1_spec-  
> 1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo- kernel-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo-qname_1.1_spec-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo- system-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/geronimo- util-1.0.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/log4j-1.2.11.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/mx4j-3.0.1.jar"/>
>          <path value="/lib/mx4j-remote-3.0.1.jar"/>
>         </restriction>
>     </extension>
> I thought it worked once, but I have not been able to get it work  
> again.
> Anything else I should check?
> I was not clear on your FYI.  Do you recommend  
> discouragedRuntimeAccess via this extension point for current  
> release and facets for future release, or do you recommend facets  
> for current release as well?
> Thanks,
> Ted
> On 2/28/06, Sachin Patel < > wrote:
> Check the schema definition for the extension point. (schema/ 
> discouragedRuntimeAccess.exsd file) You are not defining the  
> extension point correctly.  You also need to specify an id to  
> binding to the the geronimo runtime.  IIRC both jars and  
> directories can be specified.
> FYI I think in future releases I'll be ridding of this extension  
> point as I don't see any future value in it and there are better  
> ways of accomplishing this such as the use of facets.  But this is  
> probably better for you anyway so you can re-use what ever existing  
> code you have.  However you need to programatically provide the  
> function you desire in a "pluggable" manner by creating a facet  
> extension point and binding it to the geronimo runtime.  The facet  
> extensions require you to implement the IDelegate interface and you  
> can have multiple implementations for when the facet is added and  
> removed or for any of the other lifecycle types the facet framework  
> defines.  (version changed, runtime changed).  This will give you  
> the best flexibility and in your implementation you will be able to  
> do whatever you need to the classpath container or project  
> configuration.  The UI pieces will automatically be then taken care  
> of and you will be able to add/remove the facet at project creation  
> or after.  The key idea behind this is that you can programatically  
> do what you need to the project without modifying any existing  
> code.  If a custom wizard is needed for the facet to provide  
> additional details then a facet wizard extension point exists as  
> well which plugins in a wizard page when you facet is selected  
> during project creation.
> Even though this is an acceptable and you have my recommendation on  
> this solution we can go even further.
> Discussions are going on being able to improve the flexibility of  
> runtimes.  Runtimes can contain multiple components and as you've  
> seen currently two components are defined, a JRE and a server  
> classpath container.  Currently all of the runtimes are using the  
> same bridge that adds these two components.  However in the future  
> we want to be able to make it easier for adopters to provide "N"  
> number of components.  This capability is currently possible but  
> its somewhat complex and one of the goals is to make this easier.   
> So essentially the runtime classpath needs to be broken down into  
> multiple components, at minimum a J2EE component and a non J2EE  
> component.  But the vision is to go even beyond that. (ejb  
> component, web component) thus each project type may target the  
> same server buts the contents of its runtime would differ.
> - sachin
> On Feb 28, 2006, at 6:09 PM, Ted Kirby wrote:
>> Thanks.  I put my extension element in devtools\modules\eclipse- 
>> plugin\plugins\org.apache.geronimo.devtools.eclipse.core\plugin.xml.
>> I got not .log errors, but I also did not get any access rules  
>> added to the selected jars in my build path,
>> and my use of classes from a restricted jar was not flagged.
>> Does path accept a .jar file, or directory only?
>> Here is my extension element:
>> <extension  
>> point="org.apache.geronimo.devtools.eclipse.core.discouragedRuntimeAc 
>> cess">
>>      <path value="/lib/cglib-nodep-2.1_3.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/commons-cli-1.0.jar "/>
>>      <path value="/lib/commons-i18n-1.0-G1M5.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/commons-logging-1.0.4.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-common-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-deploy-jsr88-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-deploy-tool-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-deployment-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-j2ee-deployment_1.1_spec-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-kernel-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-qname_1.1_spec-1.0.jar "/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-system-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/geronimo-util-1.0.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/log4j-1.2.11.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/mx4j- 3.0.1.jar"/>
>>      <path value="/lib/mx4j-remote-3.0.1.jar"/>
>>     </extension>
>> Thanks.
>> On 2/28/06, Sachin Patel < > wrote:
>> I think its best if you first need to get an understanding of the  
>> eclipse plugin architecture.  Please read this article... http:// 
>> plugin_architecture.html .  This particular article may be  
>> outdated since the move to OSGI but the concepts are the same.
>> Extension points are defined and loaded inside a plugin.xml.   
>> The .serverdef file is a WTP specific file for defining generic  
>> servers.  Its loaded via an EMF model and thus by adding your  
>> entry there invalidates your file and thats why you're seeing the  
>> exception.
>> - sachin
>> On Feb 28, 2006, at 5:22 PM, Ted Kirby wrote:
>>> I want to use this new support.
>>> I put
>>> <extension
>>> point="org.apache.geronimo.devtools.eclipse.core.discouragedRuntimeA 
>>> ccess" >
>>> <path value="/lib" />
>>> </extension>
>>> in devtools\modules\eclipse-plugin\plugins 
>>> \org.apache.geronimo.devtools.eclipse.core\serverdef 
>>> \geronimo10.serverdef, but it did not work.  From the eclipse  
>>> log, I got:
>>> Wrapped exception
>>> org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.FeatureNotFoundException: Feature  
>>> 'extension' not found. (bundleentry://341/serverdef/ 
>>> geronimo10.serverdef, 102, 91)
>>> Where should I put the <extension> element?

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