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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Itests in Maven2 ready !
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 20:59:10 GMT
Thanks to Mavens, Jason & Brett and Geronimo's Davids, Jencks and
Blevins, the itests which were under OpenEJB earlier has now been
converted to Maven2. It has also been enhanced to perform integration
tests on other components and services. Other itests can now simply
plug in their tests into this framework. When we move completely to
Maven2, it can also be invoked during the integration phase of our
build  in our gbuild setup.

Currently this setup is a basic testing infrastructure with a set of 6
test cases. More test cases can be plugged into it by anybody.

>From here, we could go just about anywhere. Some of the things we could do are :
- plug in the openejb itests from the old maven1 build.
- documentation about the itests subproject.
- documentation for others to write and plug their own tests.
- hook it up with Continuum for gbuild.
- some simple feature enhancements & cleanup. (some maven JIRAs have
been opened for this).
- publish results.   awaiting a maven feature yet to be released -
- (your idea goes here)
- (your idea goes here)

More ideas and participation in this are most welcome.

Jacek, should I open a JIRA for this as a subtask under the M2
conversion effort ? Or should we keep this separate ?


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