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From lichtner <>
Subject Apache-licensed version of jgroups?
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 19:38:18 GMT

Is there any interest in an apache-licensed version of jgroups?

I am thinking something along these lines:

1. Well-understood layered architecture, of x-kernel, Ensemble, and
JGroups fame.

2. Performance-focused: low thread count per protocol layer (0+), no java

3. Simple: implement best-of-breed protocols only, and provide
pre-assembled protocol stacks.

4. Release 1.0 with basic protocols: membership, mnak, flow control, etc.

I would be happiest with an arrangement where somebody junior would code
it and I would serve as an advisor (if needed) based on my experience with
EVS4J, with the actual coder taking the credit for it.

I would like to see Geronimo evolve quickly into an industrial strength
server (which I think it will) so I can stop using all the other app
servers ..


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