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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Sample plan bits for configId branch, please review!
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:35:27 GMT
On Feb 15, 2006, at 10:59 AM, David Jencks wrote:

>     <properties>
>       <property>
>         <name>base-name</name>
>         <value>geronimo.maven:J2EEServer=geronimo</value>
>       </property>
>     </properties>

I like this but I think the name should be name spaces to avoid  
conflict.  Also we are the only ones that will touch this property so  
if it is long it doesn't matter.  How about  

On Feb 15, 2006, at 10:59 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>       < dependency>
>         <groupId>geronimo</groupId>
>         <artifactId>geronimo-deployment</artifactId>
>         <version>1.0.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
>         <include/>
>       </dependency>

For those that are not aware, include means to literally include the  
contents of the dependency jar into the car created by the  
configuration.  This makes it easy to create stand alone self  
executing configurations.  I suggest we move this feature to the  
deploy tool using an optional flag and leave it out of this xml file.

On Feb 15, 2006, at 12:51 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I'd prefer to make the version and type as optional.  Version would  
> default to some server default.  Also, type can default to *car*.

I think type "jar" will be the most common.  My guess is a component  
will have 0-2 parents most of the time, but lots of jars.

>>>>       <dependency>
>>>>         <groupId>geronimo</groupId>
>>>>         <artifactId>geronimo-common</artifactId>
>>>>         <version>1.0.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
>>>>         <load>class</load>
> I'd prefer multiple <include> tags like
> <include>classes</include>
> <include>services</include>

Since "include" has an existing meaning in Geronimo service plans, I  
suggest that we name this element "import" to avoid any possible  

> or the ever popular
> <include>*</include>

We are only talking about 2 items which isn't a big deal.  Also David  
mentioned somewhere that the default in the absence to any  
"load" (name David is using) tags it to do both classes and services.


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