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From "Conrad O'Dea" <>
Subject Re: mutiple WebServiceBuilder gbeans
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 17:46:37 GMT
Hi David,

On 10 Feb 2006, at 16:04, David Jencks wrote:
>> in the current default configuration for Geronimo, there appears  
>> to be single WebServiceBuilder deployed which is the AxisBuilder.   
>> Is it possible to have a second builder of this type deployed? Is  
>> so what will happen when another Gbean (for example the Jetty or  
>> Tomcat deployer) invokes on it?
>> Basically, I am looking for a way to deploy another  
>> WebServiceBuilder that can be used by the module deployers without  
>> having to update the plans for each, if possible.
> You won't be able to use it for ejb web services because the  
> openejb web service implementation is hard coded to use axis.

Is there any reason that the OpenEJB stuff must use Axis or could it  
be updated to be more flexible?

> However, I think the POJO ws should be OK.  I think the easiest  
> solution is to write a plan for your WSB that gives it the same  
> name as the axis one, and deploy the resulting configuration  
> instead of the axis one.  (I'm assuming you are working with trunk  
> where we have separated the builders more than in 1.0)

That's good know.   I've been looking at the 1.0 tag but will move up  
to the trunk.

> You may also need to write suitable "adapter" servlets similar to  
> JettyPOJOWebServiceHolder.
> There are probably lots of problems you will run into so please  
> feel free to speak up, complain, etc etc

Thanks for the info.  I'm sure I'll be back :-)


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