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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Transaction Manager and Connection Manager usage outside Geronimo
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2006 08:45:00 GMT

On Feb 5, 2006, at 12:13 AM, Jacopo Cappellato wrote:

> Hi all,
> my name is Jacopo Cappellato, I'm one of the developers of the  
> OFBiz project (, that will soon start the incubation  
> process.
> We are evaluating the possibility to integrate into OFBiz two of  
> the Geronimo's components: the Transaction Manager and the TX-aware  
> Connection Pooling (right now we are using JOTM and Minerva).
> Can these components be used separately from the whole Geronimo thing?
> Any hints on dependencies (etc.) we should take care will be highly  
> appreciated.

You are not the first to want to do this :-).  The purpose of the  
Jencks project is to run these components in Spring.  It should also  
be pretty easy to set up the components you need in code.

Does OFBiz use a component framework?  Does it run in a web server?   
If run in a j2ee app server, what happens to its own tm and  
connection pooling?

The last time I looked the Jencks project was not setting up the  
transaction log so recovery of in-doubt transactions would not be  
possible.  I don't know why it wasn't set up, it is pretty easy to do.

It's desirable for all calls into a web app or ejb to go through an  
interceptor connected to the connection management framework.  This  
is needed to support some required but bad-practice j2ee  
requirements, but also has the very good effect of preventing  
connection leaks if you use appropriate j2ca jdbc wrappers such as  
the tranql connectors.  If you run in Geronimo these interceptors are  
installed for you, but it is also possible to install them in  
standalone jetty and (I think) tomcat and IIUC the Jencks project has  
installed them in Spring.

I am extremely geronimo-centric :-) but I will push one of our  
capabilities anyway, feel free to ignore it.  If you are interested  
in running OFBiz in geronimo, you can "predeploy" it into a geronimo  
component, and then build a server that includes a web server, the  
tm, connection  management, and OFBiz and pretty much nothing else,  
and produce an "unzip and run" server.  This has always been one of  
our goals and we are ironing out some details of the "pretty much  
nothing else" part right now.

Thanks, feel free to ask more questions, what you want to do is  
definitely possible and should not be difficult: the exact steps may  
depend on how you are assembling everything.

david jencks

> Thanks,
> Jacopo

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