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From "Conrad O'Dea" <>
Subject Integrating Geronimo and Celtix
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 15:32:19 GMT
Hi there,

I am a member of the Celtix [1] development team and am currently  
looking at integrating Celtix into different J2EE containers.  The  
idea is that Celtix would provide a web service stack for  
applications deployed in Geronimo.

I've started looking at the Geronimo code-base and the  
WebServiceContainer piece in particular.  I'm just really in the  
process of familiarising myself with the code and have two initial  
questions (I'm sure more will follow!)

1. Are there any design docs for the WebService container and how  
interacts with the deployer and the other containers?  Anything to  
help get more familiar with this part of Geronimo would be good.  I  
had a look at Geronimo web site but nothing relevant leapt out  at me.

2. What is the plan for JEE 5 support in Geronimo?  More  
specifically, Celtix depends on a bunch of specs (JAX WS 2.0, JAXB  
2.0 etc.) that will form part of JEE 5 and are highly dependant on  
JSE 5 (principally for annotations).  Presumably this will be  
Geronimo 2.0.

That said, from reading some of the dev list on the subject it seems  
that JEE 5 work may be a little way off.   In that case it should be  
possible to work within the current runtime but just requiring that  
JSE 5 be used.

Any tips on getting started at this would be welcomed



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