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From "Bruce Snyder" <>
Subject Re: Devtools web space (was: Re: Geronimo Eclipse Plugin released)
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 22:00:02 GMT
On 2/25/06, Jacek Laskowski <> wrote:
> 2006/2/24, Bruce Snyder <>:
> > > not
> >
> > That dir and its index should be removed then.
> Well, it struck me since it's a subproject with its own release
> schedule it should (might?) also have its own web space to work in.
> Hadn't it be better if the above url were the space?
> BTW, why doesn't the Apache Geronimo logo on the top left-hand side
> direct to the main page of Apache Geronimo?

My only point is that there was a devtools.html *and* a devtools
directory. But it appears that the devtools directory has already been
removed. It does seem odd that the tab labeled 'Subprojects' links to
a page that is only about the devtools subproject. Maybe the tab
should be renamed 'Devtools'? But, then again, maybe I'm just out of
my mind.

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