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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Incubation
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 05:57:50 GMT
On Thursday, February 02, 2006, at 10:12PM, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
>I checked out the ActiveMQ code from 
>incubator/activemq last week and had a bit of a surprise. The code  
>that's being incubated is the ActiveMQ trunk and the M4 tag. There is  
>no code in the branches directory. I found this interesting since  
>Geronimo does not use this version of the code.

Basically we are incubating the main trunk (which has been under active development for some
time). Incubation means we have to go through all the code, checking all the headers &
dependencies, double checking CLAs and changing the package names etc. Given 4.x will replace
3.x very soon we didn't see any real point keeping the old branches at Apache; since we can't
really without incubating all of those too and there's only so many hours in the day. There
just didn't seem a need to incubate old branches of the code as well.

FWIW we should move Geronimo to 4.x as soon as possible; though we need a release of ActiveMQ
first to be able to do that..

>Since I see evidence of a new ActiveMQ 3.2.2 release 

Its an emergency bug fix; no development has been done on 3.x for months other than bug fixes.

>Also, is anyone from the ActiveMQ community looking at the ActiveMQ  
>Jira's under Geronimo? They can be found here -- http:// 

Yes, we'll get to them. Our focus up to now has been trying to actually release the 4.x branch
with the change to the org.apache.activemq package so that folks using ActiveMQ will have
a stable platform to build on and we can then look to integrate the incubated ActiveMQ into
Geronimo. But we'll get to these JIRA issues ASAP, sorry for the delay.


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