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From Andy Piper <>
Subject Re: CORBA and GSSUP fix -- please review
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 10:11:00 GMT
I don't believe it's actually required to provide the username in the 
client identity field if you have a password. You can simply provide 
an auth token containing both username and password and set the 
identity token to ITTAbsent. We (WLS) only fallback on 
ITTPrincipleName if there is no password available, in which case you 
have to have established a trust relationship and perform identity 
assertion. If you use the principle name token then the decoder 
should be able to understand the attached scope if any - removing it 
on the encoding side does not seem right to me.


At 09:57 AM 2/10/2006, Jeppe Sommer (Trifork) wrote:
>According to the CORBA 3.0.3 spec (and I believe the original CSIv2 
>spec says the same):
>Scoped-Username GSS Name Form
>The scoped-username GSS name form is defined as follows, where name_value and
>name_scope contain a sequence of 1 or more UTF8 encoded characters.
>scoped-username ::= name_value | name_value@name_scope | @name_scope
>The '@' character shall be used to delimit name_value from 
>name_scope. All nondelimiter
>instances of '@' and all non-quoting instances of '\' shall be quoted with an
>immediately-preceding '\'. Except for these cases, the quoting 
>character, '\', shall not be
>emitted within a scoped-username.
>This suggests that the right way to fix this is to make the decoder 
>tolerant to both name and name@domain. I don't known how the third 
>variant  - just @domain - is to be interpreted though.
>I'm also uncertain how an empty domain part is to be interpreted. To 
>be on the safe side, I would suggest always encoding the full form 
>(name@domain) and live with the redundancy.
>Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>So it turns out our GSSUP token encoder set the username to
>>username@domain and the GSSUP token decoder did not lop off the
>>@domain part, so Geronimo could not talk to itself using GSSUP.
>>I changed the token encoder to just pass the username straight through
>>-- there is a separate field in the token that holds the domain, after
>>all, so mangling the username did not seem to make much sense.
>>Just want to make a note of this in case someone thinks it should be
>>changed the other way (that is, the GSSUP token encoder should send
>>username@domain and the GSSUP token decoder should lop off and ignore
>>the @domain part, or compare the @domain to the domain that is sent in
>>the other field).
>>     Aaron
>>P.S. Actually the GSSUP token encoder set the username to
>>domain@domain due to an additional bug in the dynamic GSSUP
>>configuration, so I gather no one's actually used this code before.

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