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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Integrating Geronimo and Celtix
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 18:08:51 GMT

On 1 Feb 2006, at 17:42, Conrad O'Dea wrote:
>> As as aside we've been working with retrotransformer lately - with  
>> help from folks on the JAXB2 team and retrotransformer team -  
>> we've managed to get retrotransformer to create 1.4 compliant  
>> bytecode that uses JAXB2 RI. So there's a chance you could still  
>> work around the 1.5 issue....
>> FWIW there's a maven2 retrotranslator plugin
> I had a brief look at  retrotransformer.  I'd be interested in  
> seeing it a production environment.

Its mostly a build-time tool. The only thing which is used in  
production is backport-util-concurrent for any java.util.concurrent  
code you use and a small retrotranslator-runtime library which  
backports the annotation lookup code (currently using ASM) together  
with a few extra helper methods required for the bytecode  
transformation (such as some reflection/generics helper methods).


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