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From "Conrad O'Dea" <>
Subject Re: Integrating Geronimo and Celtix
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 17:42:59 GMT
Hi James, Adi,

On 1 Feb 2006, at 16:55, James Strachan wrote:

> On 1 Feb 2006, at 16:33, Sakala, Adinarayana wrote:
>> Great idea conrad.
>> Since Celtix is an ESB, integrating it into a JEE container would  
>> provide support for all of the ESB capabilities for all of J2EE  
>> based endpoints and not just webservices capabilities. This can  
>> even provide support for multi transport and multi binding  
>> capabilities to J2EE endpoints including JMS, CORBA etc.

Celtix is very pluggable so using it to expose a J2EE service  
endpoint would allow it use any binding or transport that is available.

> Agreed. Apache ServiceMix is already integrated into Geronimo to  
> provide these same ESB capabilities using the underlying Geronimo  
> services like HTTP, JMS, JCA etc.
>> One question, does your integration is going to leverage some of  
>> the capabilities of JSR 181 for JEE based endpoints along with JAX- 
>> WS 2.0 etc.

Absolutely.  The goal will be that once a Geronimo instance is  
configured to use Celtix it will be more or less transparent to the  
J2EE developer.

> I'd recommend doing so - its what we did on ServiceMix too. I'd  
> also recommend an SCA component as well; On ServiceMix we have a  
> variety of different JBI binding components for different SOAP  
> stacks and integration technologies such as a JSR 181 binding  
> component, an SCA/Tuscany binding component, a SOAP stack with WS-A  
> support, pure JMS, pure HTTP etc.

Yes, we are also looking providing support for both SCA and JBI.

>> My feeling would be to get started with the integration based on  
>> current runtime making JSE 1.5 as requirement for enabling Celtix.
> That's your call on the Celtix team as to what dependencies you  
> want to use; though be aware that AFAIK we can only currently  
> integrate Java 1.4 components into the certified build of Geronimo;  
> I'm not sure if we can do a distribution of Geronimo which is not  
> J2EE certified; so any 1.5 dependent components might have to be  
> left out; but then you could host your celtix components on the  
> celtix website.

Good info, thanks.

> As as aside we've been working with retrotransformer lately - with  
> help from folks on the JAXB2 team and retrotransformer team - we've  
> managed to get retrotransformer to create 1.4 compliant bytecode  
> that uses JAXB2 RI. So there's a chance you could still work around  
> the 1.5 issue....
> FWIW there's a maven2 retrotranslator plugin

I had a brief look at  retrotransformer.  I'd be interested in seeing  
it a production environment.

Thanks for the info.


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