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From David Jencks <>
Subject Supporting applications that need a database
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 01:21:45 GMT
Dain has been complaining that the default database is no more and  
IIUC suggesting that we reinstate it and by default hook at least ejb  
applications that don't have an explicit database configuration up to  
it.  Since I removed the default database I'd like to somewhat  
preemptively explain my thinking.

Based on my support experiences with another app server that did  
something like this, I think this is a really bad idea.  What  
happened there was that no one knew how to connect their app to a non- 
default database, and we got zillions of problem reports based on the  
app using the default database rather than the one that was  
misconfigured :-)

I also don't think that encouraging all applications to use the same  
database is a very good policy.  It certainly invites collisions  
between applications and reduces portability.

We have the capabilities to build a derby database for a particular  
schema, and package it , and to bundle a datasource configuration  
with a j2ee app plan.  This is used for the daytrader and uddi server  
configurations.  Rather than including a database no one should  
want :-) and encouraging people to use it, I would rather see us  
automate the construction of a configured database for an app, and  
the construction and bundling of a datasource configuration with the  
app's plan.

david jencks

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